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Men Or Women: Who Is Involved In More Car Accidents In Pennsylvania?

Car accidents do not discriminate. They can happen to anyone at any time. Yet, certain groups may be more likely to find themselves involved in a crash, even if it is no fault of their own. One of the more interesting pieces of research is the breakdown of accidents between men and women.

The most recent data we have is from 2020. That year, men overall were involved in roughly one-third more car accidents in Pennsylvania than women (99,319 to 62,131). While the 21-25 age group experienced the most accidents for both sexes, the men in that group led all age groups with over 13,000 accidents. The good news is that research shows the volume of accidents decreases with age for both men and women. However, men did show an elevated number of accidents across all age groups.

Why are men more at risk?

There may be certain behavioral reasons for the risks of accidents, including fatal ones, for men and women. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) has found that men typically drive more frequently than women. Other risk factors their research cites include decreased seat belt use and increased risk of things like speeding and driving after consuming alcohol.

Between the PENNDOT and IIHS data, safe driving habits are crucial for all drivers, but especially those 25 years old and younger. Parents can help by setting a good example for their children at a young age by emphasizing seat belt use, obeying speed limits and other basic safe driving practices. It becomes tough once these people leave home and are on their own, but these steps may be a good way to reduce the number of accidents between these groups.

What we should do with this information

None of this research is to say that men or women are worse drivers or that we should vilify any group of drivers. Again, anyone can find themselves involved in a car accident. We find that our car accident clients come from many different backgrounds and demographics. When we can have information on things like common causes of car accidents, when accidents are most likely to happen or who is most likely to be involved, we can work as a society to address these vulnerabilities to make our roads safer for everyone.