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Has Your Loved One Developed Bedsores In Their Nursing Home?

Bedsores are major warning signs that abuse and neglect could be victimizing your family member in a Pennsylvania nursing home. You can restore dignity to your relative’s twilight years by contacting experienced nursing home attorneys with a reputation for results in these cases. In Pottsville, Schuylkill County and surrounding areas, the Law Firm dedicated to protecting your elderly loved one’s rights — and yours — is Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C.

Stages Of Bedsores

Nursing home staff has a duty to regularly turn their elderly residents in their beds or wheelchairs to prevent bedsores from developing. Over time, nursing home neglect can result in the slow growth of bedsore injuries that can be difficult to spot before they get serious.

  • Early stages: Sores may be difficult to spot, as they may have not broken the skin yet. They appear red and a little tender to the touch, and your loved one may not exhibit signs of pain as the bedsore is just starting to develop.
  • Middle stages: This is the point where you may begin to notice your loved one in serious pain and may see the bedsore more clearly. They will either appear very red and tender, and may begin forming a legion in the skin as they grow more serious.
  • Late stages: Bedsores will run deeper into the skin, and in extreme circumstances the bone may even be visible. At this point, immediate medical attention should be sought out, and your loved one may be in a great deal of pain.

The skilled trial lawyers of Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C. have secured significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of their nursing home and medical malpractice clients across the state. We work hard to hold negligent nursing homes accountable for their harmful actions when they betray your family’s trust.

Hold Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities Accountable

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