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Securing Justice For Nursing Home Medication Errors

Did your senior loved one suffer a negative reaction to the wrong pills in a Pennsylvania nursing home? Was he or she given an underdose or overdose of a medication?

If so, these mistakes are major warning signs that proper care, treatment and attention are lacking in a nursing home or assisted living facility. We trust our loved ones to these facilities, and when gross negligence puts their lives at risk, it can be devastating for them and for your entire family.

At Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., our attorneys combine over 100 years of quality representation to protect your rights — and those of your elderly relative. Our Pottsville law firm is frequently recognized for securing substantial results for those injured in Schuylkill County and throughout central Pennsylvania.

Types Of Nursing Home Medication Injuries

Our personal injury lawyers have successfully represented nursing home residents who have been injured by a broad range of medication errors, including:

  • Overmedication — The unlawful practice of sedating patients with psychotropic drugs in order to neglect them, leading to serious side effects and diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, central nervous system disorders and damage to the liver, kidney and pancreas
  • Undermedication — The dispensing of insufficient pain medication that leaves patients in physical and emotional distress
  • Failure to properly administer a drug that should be taken with or without food could cancel the effects of certain medications
  • Failure to respond to drug side effects that can be life-threatening
  • Failure to monitor a resident and respond to changing conditions
  • Failure to check for drug interactions when multiple medications are prescribed by more than one physician
  • Dispensing of a medication meant for another resident
  • Dispensing of a medicine in an incorrect, dangerous dosage

Nursing home residents must receive correctly prescribed medications in accurate dosages at the right times. When this standard of care is not followed, you and your loved one have rights that must be protected.

We Work With You Every Step Of The Way

We do not simply refer victims of nursing home errors to other law firms. Instead, we have built our firm on the principle that every nursing home resident deserves to be listened to and treated at all times with respect and the best possible medical and nursing care. Anything short of that which causes injury or death is simply unacceptable and must be held accountable.

To ease your worries over the cost of our quality legal services, we deliver our hard work on a strict contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case and collect a settlement damage award for you after negotiations with an insurer or at trial.

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